Staff, Boards, & Gratitude

Our Staff in 2016–17

Teresa Mangum, Director
Jennifer New, Associate Director
Erin Hackathorn, Director of Operations
Jenna Hammerich, Communications Assistant
Freya Yu, Undergraduate Assistant

Obermann Advisory Board

Juan Pablo Hourcade (Computer Science, CLAS)
Dorothy Johnson (School of Art & Art History, CLAS)
Rebekah Kowal (Dance, CLAS)
Kristy Nabhan-Warren (Religious Studies, CLAS)
Edith Parker (Community & Behavioral Health, College of Public Health)
H. Glenn Penny (History, CLAS)
Tyler Priest (History, CLAS)
Ann Ricketts (Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development)
Michael Sauder (Sociology, CLAS)
Sherry Kay Watt (Educational Policy & Leadership Studies, College of Education)

Obermann Graduate Institute Advisory Board

Jessica Anthony (Dance, CLAS)
Barbara Baquero (Community & Behavioral Health, College of Public Health)
Carolyn Colvin (Language, Literacy, & Culture, College of Education)
Pat Dolan (Rhetoric and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, CLAS)
Barbara Eckstein (English, CLAS)
David Gould (Belin-Blank Center)
Craig Just (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Jessica Pleyel (Art & Art History, CLAS)
Jacki Thompson Rand (History, CLAS)
Shanti Sellz (Johnson County Local Foods and Planning Specialist)
Jennifer Teitle (Graduate College)

Ex-officio: Tricia Zebrowski (Communication Sciences & Disorders, CLAS), Jennifer Kayle (Dance, CLAS), Jennifer New (Obermann Center), Heidi-Renée Aijala (English, CLAS), and Diane Williams (American Studies, CLAS)


About Obermann Center

The University of Iowa’s Obermann Center for Advanced Studies in Iowa City, Iowa.